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Prep 5 Residential at Mill on the Brue

From Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 May, the children from Prep 5 enjoyed venturing to ‘Mill on the Brue’ in Bruton for their annual residential trip.

The children eagerly took on a variety of thrilling activities, from scaling climbing walls to navigating dark tunnels, conquering the daring 'leap of faith', and braving a muddy obstacle course!

Prep 5 Residential

Throughout the day, teamwork shone brightly as the children banded together, cheering each other on and offering a helping hand whenever someone faced a challenge. The teachers observed with pride as every pupil encouraged and supported their peers, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone felt empowered to push their boundaries and achieve new heights. It was a lovely sight to witness how these young individuals came together to make sure that each and every one of them had a memorable and fulfilling experience.


Prep 5 Residential 2024