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Leweston Senior School Retreat

Our School Retreat was an opportunity, during the season of Lent, to pause, a time to reflect, and a time to act. 

The day began with the celebration of Mass, followed by the ‘Big Lent Walk’ for CAFOD. The theme for the day was Catholic Social Teaching whereby, in Houses, students and staff engaged in a range activities. This included the Chocolate Trade Game, here they considered the difficulties experienced by workers in the chocolate trade industry; from bean to bar. It was wonderful to see all ages working together with much enthusiasm, and reflecting on the responsibilities of the consumer, whilst linking this to the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching. In rotation, students also researched the lives of Saints and Blesseds and how they are role models and witnesses to Christ. Other students created a beautiful array of leaves or symbols with images and quotes that linked to Catholic Social Teaching.

Finally the whole school met in the Chapel to reflect on the day through prayer and music.

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