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Academic Enrichment Groups Continue to Flourish

Throughout the start of the Spring Term, academic enrichment groups have flourished. The endeavours of Rhetoric, Scholars' Society, and Head's Essay Society have all been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of their research, engaging in stimulating debates, and delivering impactful presentations.

During this half term, Rhetoric pupils in Years 7 to 9 attended an informative and interesting session with Head of Science, Mr Hudson, on misleading graphs. They addressed misconceptions in data and considered whether graphical data published by news, media and other seemingly unbiased outlets is as reliable as it seems, realising that a critical eye when reading and using data is always key.

In Scholars' Society, it was the turn of two Year 11 groups to present on a topic of their choice, with the aim to inform and to encourage debate. Ollie D, Ava T and Felicity PR presented the potentially controversial view - "Why you shouldn't be Vegan" in a detailed and well researched presentation on some of the lesser known impacts of veganism, as well as countering some of the environmental claims made. The second group - Yvonne F, Dominiqe P and Caitlin W chose to focus on the ways that humans can manipulate and influence the brain, including hypnosis, bias, brainwashing, gas lighting and much more. This was another well researched and confidently presented session. Both groups also answered a variety of questions from the floor.

During Head's Essay Society this half term, the focus was on economic growth and environmentalism, and whether the two will always be paradoxical. Pupils debated whether there were limits to the means of production and limits to growth or whether growth could still occur but with a "green" focus, for example through renewable energy. The work of Kate Raworth featured prominently in their research. Despite seeing some positives, pupils overall felt that economic growth would rarely be able to be beneficial or coexist effectively with environmental protection and conservation - with the hope that they are proved wrong!