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Why fundraising in school is important?

Dr Rachel Milestone, Head of Houses and Charities Coordinator, explains why being involved in community fundraising is so important for pupils. 

Whilst, as fellow parents, we recognise that the letter home telling your child to wear red, bring in a tray of cakes or dress up in spots and stripes fills you with dread, we can assure you that the sight of a grinning Year 9 with a bucket and wet sponge has the same effect. Despite this, helping others locally, nationally and internationally is at the heart of our community at Leweston.  

Community fundraising helps young people take responsibility and make decisions to support those around them. Finding out more about different organisations and individuals teaches them to appreciate what they have. They also learn that they have an ability, from a very young age, to empower change and help others.  

Leweston holds a number of different fundraisers each year. Pupils across the school participate in national fundraising events such as Comic Relief, Children in Need and Odd Socks Day but they are also encouraged to make their own, individual choices.  The Sixth Form Charity week held each March sees Year 13 students organise and deliver a their own programme of events to support a charity of their own choice culminating in a 24 hour Sportathon. Tutor groups hold cake sales to support charities important to them or their families. Houses work together to raise money for their nominations. The value of fundraising however goes well beyond the money raised and can have a direct impact on those involved.

Thinking of others 

Being part of a community and giving time and thought to other communities, is both rewarding and thought-provoking. It encourages pupils to think of others and engage proactively with making positive change. Whilst many of our charity projects aim to raise funds or buy goods, one of the important messages is that giving time is of equal importance to help others in need. 

Learn life skills 

Getting involved with community fundraising helps pupils to learn important life skills which include goal-setting, planning, accountability, teamwork, leadership and physical activity.  The majority of our fundraising projects are student led so provide a sense of accomplishment to all those involved. 

Stronger school-community bonds 

School fundraising projects provide opportunity for collaboration across year group boundaries and help pupils to build relationships with other pupils, and staff, whom they might not otherwise have spent time with.  

A global perspective

Leweston has a link of over 30 years with Jana Jyoti School in Nepal. Over this time numerous pupils have travelled out to the school to visit, support and even complete GAP years there. This year the funds raised from the school tuck shop, Carol Service collection and other events will help purchase agricultural equipment for the classroom that our pupils helped build on their last visit. Pupils from Years 11 to 13 will be travelling to Nepal in October 2023 to purchase the equipment in Kathmandu and take it to Jana Jyoti school with them.

What is most important is that fundraising is fun, it brings people together and makes them think about something bigger than themselves. For that reason we are all willing to take a bucket of water.