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Is private school worth the investment?

Deciding where your child should go to school is one of the biggest choices every parent has to make. When it comes to choosing whether to send your child to maintained or private school, there are lots of factors to consider including the school’s culture, curriculum, values, ethos and location. If you are thinking of private education there is also is also the cost to consider, but how do you know if an independent school education is worth it?

There are a number of benefits to private school some of which include:

1. Smaller class sizes

One of the most talked about benefits of private schools, smaller classes give children more one on one time with their teachers, increasing time for individual feedback and emotional support and providing more opportunities for personalised instruction and development.

2. Enriching extra-curricular opportunities

Most private schools offer a vast range of extra-curricular activities. Leweston typically offers around 50 different activities per term ranging from sports practices, music groups, to drama and chess club. Activities give pupils a chance to socialise with peers and an opportunity to try lots of different things. On a practical level, on-site activities offered as part of, or just after, the school day can mean less running around for parents in the evenings and at weekends.

3. Enhanced curriculum

Private schools aren’t restricted by the national curriculum which means they’re able to offer pupils a broader variety of subjects particularly in the primary, or Preparatory, age range. At Leweston pupils in Years 2 and 6 do not take SATS which enables them to follow a more diverse curriculum in these formative years. This freedom also allows private schools to nurture curiosity, encourage critical thinking and promote a love of learning that results in more pupils enrolling in advanced courses.

4. Sports

Many private schools are well known for their sports provision. At Leweston all pupils from Nursery to Sixth Form have PE and Games lessons as part of the curriculum. Swimming is taught to age 11 and over 12 different sports are on offer to all pupils. This includes the traditional netball, hockey, rugby, etc as well as the more unusual fencing, shooting and volleyball. Leweston is one of only nine Pentathlon GB Training Hubs in the UK which means that pupils of all ages can participate in a range of multi-sports events up to, and including, international level.

5. Excellent pastoral care

Ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of our pupils is our top priority and is reflected in every area of their school life. Form Tutors, Heads of Year, the Well-Being Hub and the Deputy Head Pastoral all support the pupils’ academic and emotional progress. In addition to this Leweston has a dedicated Pastoral Lead who is always available to pupils that need someone to talk to.

6. Facilities

Not all independent schools have the same facilities however they usually provide lots of outdoor space and frequently beautiful and inspirational surroundings. Leweston has 46 acres of grounds and are encouraged to take full advantage of the school’s setting. Younger pupils participate in weekly Forest School and everyone is encouraged to be outside as much as possible.

7. Results

Pupils at Leweston are provided with the tools and support they need to achieve great results in their exams. The school has consistently been in the top 5% in the country for value-added, which demonstrates that pupils achieve their potential, no matter what their learning stage or background.

In addition to this private schools can offer:

Boarding options

Boarding schools offer several benefits, from encouraging independence to improving social skills, all of which have a positive impact on your child’s development. Leweston offers flexibility with full, day, flexi and B&B boarding from Year 4. 

School trips

School trips help pupils learn outside of their usual classroom setting and are great fun. Leweston offers trips and expeditions for all year groups. At Leweston the weekend activities are open all pupils both day and boarding so there is always something to do.

Making friends for life from across the world

As a boarding school Leweston has pupils from all over the world who are warmly welcomed into our tight-knit community. This cultural diversity helps pupils to cultivate social and environmental awareness, and understand their role as global citizens.

The school also has an active alumni association which provides opportunities for careers advice and support long into the future.

Choose the right school for your family

Whether you choose to invest in a private school or go through the state school system, choosing a school that fits your family’s needs is essential to ensuring an education is worth it.