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10 Things Parents Love about Leweston

We know that happy children learn best and so we consider it of the upmost importance that both pupils and parents are getting the most from their experience with us, so we thought we would ask them. Here, in their own words, are the top ten things that our parents said they love most about our school.

1. Joining the family

"Leweston is close knit supportive community that welcomes people into its heart"

"We chose Leweston based almost entirely on the family-feel and individual care". 

"Leweston has an atmosphere of genuine warmth and is a down to earth community. A lot of other schools put these words on their brochures but they are just words at the end of the day. Leweston has a genuine sense of kindness and approachability". 

"Leweston has created a schooling that is connected, everyone is equal with no judgement and interlinked with all ages". 


2. Our values and ethos

"The positive and nurturing atmosphere that is created within the Pre-Prep and Prep is excellent and one which we believe is enabling our children to thrive".

"We liked the values that were important to the staff and felt it was a leaning environment that our children could gain confidence and flourish in".

"There is a sense of humanity, humour and understanding".

3. Making learning fun

"We wanted a school that would allow our child to thrive and enjoy learning to their full potential as well as staff that make it a fun and engaging place for all the pupils".

"We chose Leweston because it has a great balance of learning and fun".

"There is a happy team spirit within the school- the pupils seem to all know one another and there is a good vibe throughout".  


4. Dedicated teaching staff

"Leweston is a caring school with lovely staff who know their pupils well and provide them with opportunities to grow in both independence and confidence."

"The staff really know the pupils and they are incredibly supportive when the pupils have times of struggle and need some extra support.  The teachers set high expectations and challenge pupils whatever their level".

5. Outstanding pastoral care

"We have absolute confidence that our children’s education and wellbeing is at the centre". 

"There is a sense that the emotional wellbeing of each individual was at the centre of their education and for us this is of the utmost importance".  


4. A child-centred approach

"" Leweston allows my children to be the best that they can be and provide opportunities to open their minds". 

"To be nurtured, grounded and encouraged to be an individual and find the things in life that gave them a sense of joy and purpose".

"Leweston really does come across as a school which puts the children's interests first and at the heart of everything they do in the classroom and beyond".

"Leweston has the ability to nurture the individual and allows children to grow and develop in their own time".

5. Developing the whole person

"Building a kind and supportive community that enables child overall development; emotional, social and spiritual without compromising academic".

"I think what the school does best is make the children feel happy and valued in whatever field it might be - boarding, sport, art, cookery, music or classroom". 

"Leweston provides encouragement and self belief, giving them all a can do attitude to be the best at what ever they do".


6. A Safe and secure environment

 "We chose Leweston for being in a secure country setting with access to Forest School".

"It feels a very special place - beautiful location, school and grounds"

7. A wide ranging curriculum

"What makes Leweston different? The range of subjects available from a young age and great extra curricular opportunities".

"It is flexible in its approach to enabling every pupil to choose their own path and which subjects to study".


8. A wealth of opportunities 

"It allows children to be the best version of themselves by offering lots of different opportunities and encouraging them to be kind, supportive and yet resilient and determined". 

"We were blown away by what was on offer and we could see what a happy school it was".

"Leweston offers fabulous sporting and pentathlon opportunities alongside fabulous teaching and learning".

9. Practical family support

"It feels like it aims more at working parents and therefore makes school more accessible/manageable for parents".

"It offers practical solutions for full time working parents, in particular, wrap around care".

"Leweston's onsite facilities means less time is spent travelling to/from swimming pools sports clubs etc." 


10. The final word

"I'd like to believe it produces unassuming, thoughtful and happy pupils with a positive, outward-looking approach to their futures". 

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