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Why choose an an Independent Sixth Form?

If you’re a student aged 15 and 16, you are likely to be starting to consider your post-16 education options. An Independent Sixth Form can be a great option for those looking to progress their academic and practical skills in preparation for university, further study and their future careers.

Independent Sixth Forms are equipped with a range of great facilities for learning and discovery both inside and outside the classroom, often offering unusual extracurricular activities or leadership opportunities. Whether you want an excellent academic experience or access to all the best sports equipment, a thriving social community, personalised career guidance and space, independent Sixth Forms can provide this.

What Is An Independent Sixth Form?

An independent school, also known as private school, is a fee paying school that operates independently of local authority or government control. Independent schools are free to set their own curriculum, school hours and term dates, and to choose which exam qualifications students take. They have the freedom to operate in what they consider to be their pupils’ best interests.

The majority of independent schools continue into Sixth Form offering students a wide array of subjects, with options in A Levels, BTecs and possibly the International Baccalaureate. Whilst these sixth forms charge fees students will receive personalised teaching, with smaller class sizes and greater individual attention to help them develop academically and grow in confidence.

What’s The Difference Between a Sixth Form College and Independent Sixth Form?

Sixth Form is the final two years of senior school. It is a continuation of education after GCSEs. Students are usually aged 16-18 when in Sixth Form. Traditional Sixth Form Colleges are usually separate from secondary schools, they can often be more informal and offer less structured environments than Sixth Form courses offered in schools. 

Traditional Sixth Form Colleges provide free tuition however independent Sixth Form schools come with fees. In return, you get access to specialist teachers and facilities as well as dedicated and personalised career guidance. Independent Sixth Form also allows you to stay in a recognisable learning environment which may make you feel more comfortable when starting such an important stage of your education. It also offers high level of personalised learning which isn’t always easily accessible in a sixth form college.

Why choose an Independent Sixth Form?

There are many benefits of attending an independent Sixth Form. You may want to pursue this route as:

  • It can extensively prepare you for your chosen career path
  • There is easier access to a team of specialist teachers
  • You will be able to work with likeminded students in small classes who have an interest in the same subjects as you
  • You will develop a greater sense of responsibility whilst your tutors help you develop and nurture your confidence
  • You will have access to dedicated career guidance and access to a network of former pupils 
  • Many options to study A Levels, BTec, the EPQ and more

If you would like to find out more about Leweston's Sixth Form please contact June Smith, our Registrar, on 01963 211015 or