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Value Added in Sixth Form

When joining Sixth Form you will be aiming to build on your achievements to date, explore the many opportunities open to you and plan for your future. At Leweston we aim to support and encourage each student as much as we can to help them to achieve their goals and realise their potential. 

We understand that improvement in our students’ achievements isn’t just down to academic ability, it is also affected by their learning environment. Families choose Leweston because they believe in the benefit of a school with breadth and diversity, a plethora of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities, quality teaching and resources, small class sizes and strong pastoral support. 

What is value-added? 

The national value-added programme is led by a research team at the Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM).  CEM describes value-added as a measure, which offers:  

  • a fairer indication of how far a student has come  
  • a fairer measure of how well the school has brought that student on  
  • a fairer way to make comparisons between different schools’ performances  
Value-Added at Leweston 

For over 30 years the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) has produced value-added data for pupils of all ages and for over a decade Leweston has sat within the top 10% of schools in the country in this important measure. The value-added measure demonstrates how much contribution the school has made to a student’s results from baseline testing when they join through to their GCSE and A Level results.  

Whilst we want all students to make academic progress, achieve the results they are capable of, get into their first-choice university and land the job of their dreams, we also want them to be the best versions of themselves. For this reason, we aim to develop each individual with leadership opportunities and focused, flexible learning providing a variety of value-added opportunities. We provide over 20 post 16 courses including a diverse range of A Levels and two BTecs. With an extensive range of extra-curricular activities there is plenty of opportunity to pursue individual interests and the career and university preparation programme sets students up for success after school. By exposing students to as much as possible and encouraging them to try everything, regardless of success or failure, they learn about themselves and others. They will, ultimately, add value to themselves by developing qualities beyond those that can be taught in a classroom or measured in statistics. 

Sixth Form Enrichment  

Enrichment is an integral part of learning so all Sixth Form students participate in our innovative LEaD (Leweston Enrichment and Development) programme,. Running over an 18 month period LEaD is designed to develop skills which complement their academic studies. In addition to the three LEaD strands: community, opportunity and expertise, students have access to a variety of activities including: sports and fitness, lifeguarding, creative arts, PSHRE, religion and ethics, Leith's, Ten Tors, and Duke of Edinburgh. 

Responsibility and Community  

Being at the top of an all-through school gives pupils many opportunities take on responsibilities as Prefects, House Captains, club and society champions and peer mentors. The House system at Leweston encourages a sense of belonging and provides the opportunity for students to work across all other year groups. 

Careers and The Leweston Oxbridge Programme 

Leweston recognises the importance of providing individualised support and guidance to Sixth Formers, enabling them to make considered and informed choices about their future. Extensive help is available from the tutor team, Head of Sixth Form and Careers Adviser. 

A comprehensive programme of careers education begins at the start of Year 12, when students are given advice on post-Sixth Form options including university, employment, degree apprenticeships and taking a gap year. This is supplemented by further support and information from a degree apprenticeship representative, a Russell Group university speaker and a current undergraduate. Year 12 also visit a Russell Group University. 

Students who aspire to study at the most celebrated academic institutions are supported from the very start of Senior School. The Rhetoric Society in Years 7 to 9, Scholars’ Society in Years 10 and 11 and Head’s Essay Society in the Sixth Form all encourage the academic ambitions of our students. They develop confidence in discussing theories, concepts and ideas, with increasing levels of complexity and independence. Students take part in ‘Oxplore’ live debates and Oxford’s Outreach Programme, as well as receiving one to one mentoring from the Careers Adviser, all of which are aimed at motivating the most academically able to consider an application to Oxford or Cambridge University. All students are offered bespoke careers interviews, university talks, a Future Directions Day, support with UCAS applications and personal statements, as well as preparation for entrance to American and international universities.

If you would like to join our Sixth Form for a Taster Day please contact June Smith, our Registrar, on 01963 211015 or