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The Benefits of Sixth Form Boarding

Why start boarding in Sixth Form? Many students decide to board for their final two years to concentrate on their studies, socialise with friends and get a taste of living away from home before university.
Time to focus

Boarders are able to commit the maximum amount of time to their studies, co-curricular interests and other areas of specialism without losing time to the daily commute. They can study more effectively and have access to school facilities outside of the normal school day, as well as additional academic support from the Boarding tutors or 'Florins'.  

Part of the community

Boarding at Leweston is a close-knit family and living with others teaches students to
better understand those around them and respect their differences. Boarding often introduces pupils to people whom they may have never otherwise met, they leave with a global outlook on life which is an increasingly valuable thing in the world we live in.

Support and Pastoral Care

Boarding provides the right balance of support and freedom, allowing students to ease into adult life whilst knowing the safety net is still there if they need it. There is round the clock pastoral care provided by professionals who are highly experienced in supporting young adults. 

Responsibility for self and others

Sixth Form boarders take lead roles in the Houses and are in a position to advise, support and guide younger boarders. This experience builds a wide range of leadership skills and which may help with university applications. Boarding also encourages
independence and self-sufficiency and the life lessons learned in boarding lay a solid foundation for adulthood.

Life-long friendships

Students often say that the best thing about boarding is spending time with their friends, and many make lifelong friends that continue to support them into university and beyond.

Leweston offers a range of different boarding packages including one, two and three night flexi, weekly and full boarding. There is also a Boarding Scholarship available for entry into Year 12.

For more information about boarding at Leweston contact June Smith, our Registrar, on 01963 211015 or